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To all my tuner friends ! So guys, there’s this app right ? It’s called @motorvateapp ( Motorvate ) and it’s cool as hell. @stevenharing paid a visit to the #HIN booth at #hondafest on Sunday and introduced me to it. So you know I’ve been dying to see an app for us #tuners to become more connected right ? This is that app ! You can make your own profile, post your vehicles, builds and events. It even tells you what events are nearby and when they are. They even have this map feature to go along with it. We need to get this app known to tuners all across the US because this right here guys is gonna change the game ! It’s the social media haven for tuner heads. Made by tuner heads. Download the app for IOS OR ANDROID, make your profiles, follow me, @motorvateapp and @stevenharing . Motorvate : Beastyen. Lets get this known ! #cars #socialmedia #innovative #Subaru #Mazda #Honda #Toyota #Acura #ford #Chevy #Kia #Nissan #Lexus #idk #thesehashtagstho #hashtag
When you haven’t started your car all day and the exhaust sounds hella good. #feels #Subaru
#johnnyrockets strawberry Oreo shake with @odietamot after running errands for the upcoming events :) #fatmodels
Got my #raijin today and rocking @byjennyluu ‘s ATTY and I have the bmw today hehehehhe finally fucking AC omg
Dinner at Shabu Zen w/ @odietamot and @byjennyluu :) #LG #HINfams
DinDinz :D #foodporn #hotpot w/ @odietamot and @byjennyluu
Thirsty Thursday. Look at all my #vape shit tho lol messy room.
Big boys know how to cook ! Chefed up for my sister’s. I swear it tastes a lot better than it looks haha. #foodporn #bombdiggity
" missin her " 
My #WCW tho, @odietamot, one of the dopest females in the game. Come check her out along with other models on August 2nd in NH at #HIN for discounts on tickets use the code JENNYLUU at the checkout to get 5$ off thanks to @byjennyluu #shefyahh


Late night jams.

Good night.

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